Our Story

Zamira is an Australian animal health business with a mission to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of animals across the world.

Zamira’s journey began in 2008 as a partnership with Korean-listed pharmaceutical company, CTC Bio. The initial product range for Australia included injectables to improve productivity and treat diseases in pigs and cattle.

Following its success in Australia, founders Stewart Cairns, Peter Currie and Dr Tapan Saha expanded operations across the Asian region in 2014 and developed a range of high-quality feed additives and pharmaceuticals for feed mill and farm customers.

Zamira has since grown into a global business with products being sold in 10 countries. With Asia a major focus, Zamira responds quickly to the diverse local needs of customers and distributors through the efficient delivery of specialised products, services and on-the-ground support.

In 2021, Zamira launched ZamiPet in Australia, a range of premium health supplements specially formulated for dogs. Leveraging the expertise of local veterinarian and General Manager Dr Andrew McKay, and former Swisse vitamins senior executive Michael Howard, Zamira recognised the strong parallels with the health and wellbeing movement to develop its first pet supplement range.

“Having spent over a decade focussing on animal health in the farming sector, is was a natural progression for Zamira to help improve the lives of the animals we have at home, too.” Stewart Cairns, CEO & Co-founder.

Our Product Philosophy

We use premium quality ingredients, scientifically validated formulas, high-quality testing standards & GMP manufacturing processes.


Our network

In addition to our direct sales channels, Zamira works closely with many distributors across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Our Senior Team

Peter Currie

CFO & Co-founder

Stewart Cairns

CEO & Co-founder

Dr Tapan Saha

Co-founder & General Manager, India

Michael Howard

Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Brendan White

Chief Financial Officer

Cathy Knight

Head of Sales & Marketing

Amanda Righetti

Head of Marketing

Rosette Tennant

Head of Technical

Sandra Elliott

Head of Regulatory

Jane Appel

Head of People & Culture

Dr Andrew McKay

General Manager – Animal Health, Australia

Dr Ratchai Leethochawalit

General Manager, Southeast Asia

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