Necrotic Enteritis and Eimeria spp in Poultry Farming

By Dr Balkar Bains

The control and prevention of enteric disease caused by some pathogenic bacteria and protozoa still remain a challenge in poultry farming.

Necrotic Enteritis and Eimeria spp

The most prevalent and endemic pathogenic agents include Clostridia perfringens (necrotic enteritis) and Eimeria spp are the major cause of enteric infections resulting in serious economic losses.

Both Clostridia perfringens and Eimeria spp are capable of causing serious enteric disease individually and potentially more serious disease when both infections occur at about the same time. The incidence of concurrent infection usually occurs under all practical conditions.

A serious economic concern

The Clostridia perfringens infection is endemic in poultry flocks and remains a serious economic concern to the poultry industry. The organism survives in the poultry farm environment and readily infects and colonises in the intestines, especially caecae, once ingested by the chicken. The pathogenesis of infection varies with the strains of Clostridia perfringens and its toxin production potential. The severity of pathological damage is influenced by factors such as intestinal integrity, concurrent infection and the age of chickens. The clinical infection is often recognised a Toxaemia (septicemia) or Necrotic enteritis, of varying degrees.

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