Coccidiosis is a challenge for poultry farmers across India. Here, learn more about how to prevent and control coccidiosis in your poultry farm, and how the Zamira Australia team in India can help.

The Zamira Australia Range in India

Take on Coccidiosis with Zamira Australia’s comprehensive range of anti-coccidials, specifically designed for use in shuttle and rotation programs.

Selection of an anti-coccidial program should be based on husbandry practices, environmental factors and local climate. The goal is to achieve long term control of coccidiosis and to minimise the effects of drug resistance in successive flocks.

The Zamira Australia team in India will work with you to find the right products to meet your specific challenges.

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Coccidiosis in Poultry

Coccidiosis is a disease that affects poultry and other animals. While it can’t be eradicated, coccidiosis can be prevented and controlled. Learn more from the articles below.

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