Farm Hygiene – the key to prosperous poultry farming

More than ever before, farm hygiene is a primary management tool to ensure profitability in present-day poultry farming. Hygiene is essential to prevent the outbreak of disease and reduce economic loss.

Cleaning and disinfection provide the foundation for a reliable biosecurity program.

Use of farm detergents and disinfectants

“The use of foaming detergents and disinfectants is growing across livestock operations due to the accuracy and effectiveness of application,” said Dr Andrew McKay from Zamira Australia.

Dr McKay is one vet who trusts that seeing is believing when it comes to cleaning and disinfection for biosecurity. Foaming allows quick, easy and safe application with a visual check to ensure all surfaces have been covered.


Foaming also increases contact time because as the bubbles slowly burst they release the active ingredient and lift the contaminant from the surface. Good foam should still be visible up to 60 minutes after application. Generating the desired amount of foam with precise inclusion rates requires the right product and equipment.

Types of detergent for farm hygiene

There are two different types of detergents on the market:

  • Alkaline (high pH) and Acid (low pH) cleaners. Poultry faeces is acidic so an alkaline detergent should be used to neutralise the material and make it easier to remove.
  • Alkaline detergents are more effective at removing fats, proteins and residual feed and are generally less corrosive. Foaming application of an alkaline detergent such as CID Lines Kenosan increases contact time and penetration which reduces cleaning time and improves the efficiency of disinfection.

Farm disinfectant

Following detergent application and high pressure rinsing, the surface is ready for disinfection.

The latest generation of disinfectants use a synergistic blend of active ingredients to enhance disinfection performance. Virocid (APVMA # 86445/115774) is a powerful blend of Glutaraldehyde and single and double chains of Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC) in combination with alcohol and pine oil.

Best disinfectants and detergents for poultry farming | Zamira Australia

At a cellular level, the three step disinfection process uses alcohol to weaken the cell wall and QAC to penetrate the cell wall allowing the Glutaraldehyde to enter and attack the cell nucleus.

Dr McKay advises that biosecurity should be the foundation of any disease control program. At a national level this means creating systems to detect and prevent illegal imports. When it comes to Poultry farms, it means following hygiene protocols using the right products and equipment.

About Zamira Australia

Zamira Australia is an animal health company with the mission to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of farm animals across the world. With a comprehensive range of animal health products, Zamira Australia works closely with their customers to bring innovative and research-based solutions to market to solve farming challenges.

Farm Hygiene Products

Our range of farm disinfectant and detergent

And now, Zamira Australia have introduced a range of cleaning and disinfection products from CID Lines – Virocid & Kenosan.

Virocid & Kenosan prove to be the perfect partners to deal with the high farm hygiene standards in modern poultry farms.

Kenosan is a powerful alkaline detergent with sticky long lasting foam. It’s economical to use at 1%-2% dilution (application rate of 1L of diluted Kenosan/3sqm).

Virocid is a concentrated disinfectant, that is broad spectrum and validated against 27 viruses, 46 bacteria and 19 fungal and yeast strains. Virocid is highly economical to use at 0.25% – 0.5% dilution (application rate of 250ml/sqm).

Both products are non-corrosive, biodegradable and safe when used as directed.

Zamira is an Australian animal health company with a mission to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of animals across the world. Read more about us here.

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