World leading disinfectant

Virocid® is a concentrated disinfectant with a synergistic composition of 3 active ingredients. Effective at very low dilutions against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Virocid® has a long residual action and can be applied in a versatile way on surfaces, foot dips, vehicles and equipment.

In today’s production world, efficient and continuous disinfection is a top priority.

Where Virocid® is being applied, bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores have no chance. Investing in the bio-security of animals, houses, materials, buildings, vehicles and people is a prudent managerial decision. It leads to better production results and is a powerful tool in the prevention of diseases.

The bigger and more intensive animal husbandry becomes, the bigger the risk for virulent diseases.

The bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal effect of Virocid® is unique in the world and is safe for people, animals, equipment and the environment when used as directed.


  • Non-corrosive when diluted
  • Versatile applications without any further additives
  • 90% biodegrdable after 28 days
  • Aids in the prevention of diseases
  • Leads to better production results
  • Contains no carcenogenic formaldehyde nor toxic phenolics