150g/kg Bacitracin Zinc

ZAMBAC ZN150 can be utilized effectively to enhance the performance efficiency in poultry and pigs, improve egg productivity and heat stress tolerance in laying birds.

ZAMBAC ZN150 is a vital management tool for broiler, layer and breeder farms in the prevention and control of Necrotic Enteritis, an economically devastating disease in poultry. By containing Necrotic Enteritis, and by maintaining a healthy gut, ZAMBAC ZN150 improves feed efficiency, increases growth rates, improves layer performance and produces healthier birds.

Necrotic Enteritis is prevalent in many growing operations; the causative agent Clostridium perfringens attacks the intestines causing lesions and if untreated leads to widespread mortality. Even where signs of the disease are not obvious, subclinical infections cause morbidity and reduced animal performance. ZAMBAC ZN150 has been shown to combat Clostridium perfringens, to reduce lesions caused by this pathogen, and to reduce mortality and improve performance of broilers and laying hens..

Dietary inclusion of ZAMBAC ZN150 can also boost feed intake, improve FCR and increase heat stress resistance in laying chickens.

ZAMBAC ZN150 is a cost effective gut health tool for poultry producers.


  • Increased growth rate
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Better broiler performance
  • Greater survival
  • Healthier birds
  • Better value for money