200g/kg monensin

ZAMENSIN-CATTLE is a game changer for health and productivity, leading to increased milk production and higher SNF. More efficient feed utilisation results in higher milk yields and minimising your carbon footprint through reduced emissions.

ZAMENSIN-CATTLE is a proven rumen modifier. The therapeutic effects of Monensin Sodium in cattle are explained as a result of a shift in ruminal fermentation characteristics leading to:

  • Higher propionate concentrations at the expense of other volatile fatty acids (e.g. acetate, butyrate)
  • Improved energy capture from feed and protein utilisation
  • Effects on energy metabolism including reduced blood ketones and increased serum glucose


  • Dairy cows’ benefit from increased milk production efficiency, reduced ketosis risk & controlled bloat
  • Prevents & controls coccidiosis in calves
  • Effective distribution of active components during feed production process
  • Guaranteed stability and efficacy of product throughout 24-month shelf life
  • Guaranteed bioavailability in cattle
  • Strict release specifications reduce dust
  • Excellent flowability and mixing properties