100g/kg robenidine hydrochloride

ZAMIDINE 100 is a broad spectrum chemical anticoccidial that helps promote a healthy intestine in broilers.

ZAMIDINE 100 (100g/kg robenidine hydrochloride) targets all the main pathogenic Eimeria species and therefore prevents damage to the epithelium in the intestines. A healthy intestine results in reduced morbidity and mortality.

It can be used strategically in rotation and shuttle programs with other anticoccidials and antibacterial products to ensure gut health is maintained. With a wide safety margin you can be confident ZAMIDINE 100 will get the job done.


  • Unique chemical
    The active ingredient, robenidine hydrochloride, is the only anticoccidial in use from the guanidine group and is chemically unrelated to any other anticoccidial.
  • Superior mode of action
    Robenidine hydrochloride is both coccidiostatic and coccidiocidal and is effective against both the first and second stages in the Eimeria lifecycle.
  • Used in shuttle and rotation programs
    ZAMIDINE 100 can be utilized effectively in all seasons in shuttle or rotation programs with other anticoccidials.
  • Wide safety margin


  • Targets all the main pathogenic Eimeria species and therefore prevents damage to the epithelium in the intestines
  • A healthy intestine optimizes feed conversion and growth rates
  • A synthetic guanidine derivative coccidiostat
  • Proven effective in delaying resistance when used in rotation and shuttle programs