Zamityl Soluble

625g/kg Tylvalosin tartrate

Zamityl Soluble is a highly effective, water soluble form of tylvalosin. Tylvalosin is a highly effective antimicrobial for use in poultry to control a range of respiratory and enteric diseases.

  • Broad-spectrum veterinary macrolide antibiotic
  • Direct antimicrobial effect and anti-inflammatory activity
  • Highly effective for use in poultry as prevention and control of a range of respiratory and enteric diseases
  • Water soluble granules

About Zamityl Soluble


Zamityl Soluble (Tylvalosin), is a new broad-spectrum, third-generation veterinary macrolide antibiotic, that inhibits the synthesis of bacterial protein and the growth of susceptible bacteria including mycoplasma (and mycoplasmosis). It is highly effective against a range of important diseases in poultry.

Zamityl Soluble is liposoluble and has a great capacity to penetrate cell membranes. It can pass through the cell membrane and accumulate in the cytosol reaching relatively high intracellular concentrations in phagocytic cells (macrophages and neutrophils). The activity of macrophages can be specifically increased and this may help the innate (nonspecific) immune system remove foreign material such as pathogens.

Currently available in: India


  • Mycoplasmacidal action of Zamityl and antimicrobial activity of its major metabolite differentiate Zamityl from other Macrolides.
  • Low potential for development of resistance and cross-resistance amongst target pathogens.
  • Good public health profile, MRL set in Europe and no use in human medicine.
  • No contra-indications for concurrent use of ionophores or other veterinary medicines.
  • Low inclusion rates, rapid action and short duration of treatment.