120g/kg salinomycin sodium

ZAMSTAT 120 is a flexible, monovalent ionophore which can be utilized effectively in all seasons program.

ZAMSTAT 120 is a flexible ionophore anticoccidial which can be utilized effectively as a whole of life product or equally as effectively in shuttle or rotation programs with other anticoccidials.

The salinomycin molecule has been widely used over a long period of time with negligible resistance issues. ZAMSTAT 120 can be used during all seasons and provides broad spectrum management of major Eimeria pathogens.

ZAMSTAT 120 prevents the proliferation of harmful pathogens and therefore reduces the incidence of damage to the intestinal wall. A healthier gut leads to reduced morbidity and mortality.

ZAMSTAT 120 is the ‘go to’ product to form the basis for an effective anticoccidial program.