Virocid Approved for Use Against Avian Influenza

Virocid® has been approved by the APVMA (Permit 89609) for use as a disinfectant for farm decontamination as part of Emergency Disease Control of Avian Influenza in Australia.

Importance of strong biosecurity standards

Strict biosecurity measures are now, more than ever, at the forefront of sustainable production farming, with the aim to prevent the introduction of disease which can lead to catastrophic outcomes. “Strong biosecurity standards are everyone’s responsibility. The Australian Federal Government is responsible for border protection while producers are responsible for ensuring good biosecurity practices on farm” explains Dr Andrew McKay, General Manager, Zamira Australia.  

Internal and external biosecurity 

Internal and external biosecurity practices are critical in preventing pathogens entering the farm and spreading through the flock. Farm hygiene plays a vital role in any biosecurity plan. A key element of achieving good farm hygiene is having a systematic cleaning and disinfecting protocol using high quality products.  

 “Only a few registered disinfectants have been approved by the APVMA to be used in an emergency response situation to decontaminate a farm with Avian Influenza,” McKay said. Virocid® is a concentrated disinfectant that is highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts at an exceptionally low concentration rate (0.25%-0.5%) – just 1 litre of Virocid® covers 1600m2. Virocid is effective against Avian Influenza at 0.25% concentration however the APVMA recommend a concentration rate of 1% when decontaminating a farm after an outbreak. 

Avian Influenza in Australia 

In 2020, there have been outbreaks of Avian Influenza on three egg farms and two turkey farms in Victoria. Although they have been depopulated and decontaminated without further outbreaks, it highlights the need for stringent biosecurity procedures to be in place to reduce the risk of introducing Avian Influenza onto your farm. 

Treatment for Avian Influenza 

As there is no treatment for Avian Influenza, prevention along with a prompt response is crucial to stop this highly transmissible disease from devastating flocks in Australia.   

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