Virocid Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant effective against COVID-19 says US EPA

Virocid has been proven to kill over 94 different bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts at very low concentrations. And now Virocid has been registered with the US EPA for use against COVID-19.
Virocid can be easily diluted in water to have a ready to use solution – just 1 litre will cover an enormous 1600m2. Virocid can be sprayed, foamed or fogged making it very versatile disinfection solution for hard surfaces, vehicles and equipment.

Proven Efficacy of Virocid

Virocid has been proven to kill over 94 different bacteria, viruses (including Infectious Bronchitis virus, a strain of Coronavirus) fungi and yeasts at very low concentrations. Contact our team for a full list.

Concentration = Cost Effective

  • Cost effectiveness should be measured as cost per m2. This provides a much more effective way to compare products and understand cost efficiencies.
  • Highly effective at very low dilution rates (0.25% – 0.5%).
  • 1 litre covers 1600m2 making it ideal for large spaces and ongoing use.


  • Best results are achieved from Virocid when fogged, sprayed or foamed.
  • Virocid can also be used for wheel dips and boot dips.


  • Registered with US EPA for COVID-19.
  • Complies with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) TGO code 104 for use as a commercial disinfectant.
  • Evaluated for use in PT2 (biocide for public health) and PT3 (biocide in veterinary field).
  • Registered by the APVMA as an Agricultural Chemical.
  • Approved by Australian Department of Agriculture as microbiological and animal biosecurity containment level 1- 4 (classes 5, 6 and 7)
  • Tested and registered worldwide (EN, DEFRA, DVG, EPA)
  • Non-corrosive when applied at the correct dose rates.

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Virocid Concentrated Disinfectant, effective at low dilution rate | Zamira Australia

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